Architecture Engineering Planning Forensic Services


"These old buildings do not belong to us only...they have belonged to our forefathers and they will belong to our descendants unless we play them false. They are not...our property, to do as we like with. We are only trustees for those that come after us."
William Morris 1889

All buildings, regardless of whether they are residential, commercial or industrial, and whether publicly or privately-owned, require repairs or restoration if they are to survive and remain useful. Repairs of structural failures or material assemblies might be needed even in the newer buildings, whether the result of poor detailing or construction or a misuse or misapplication of materials. Restoration not only repairs such failures and maximize or extend the life of a structure, but may also preserve a part of our heritage and history.

Our experiences with repairs and restorations have include many different types of buildings - large and small, old and new, and include both historical landmarks and architecturally-significant structures. Some have focused on mitigating specific defects or damage, while others have been integral to the updating of a building or to providing a new use for an older structure.

We have developed methods, details and specifications for the repair and restoration of the exterior envelope (windows; stone, brick and terra cotta facades; metal curtain walls, wood siding, and roofs), as well as interior finishes and building support systems (structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing). We utilize our experiences in developing customized solutions for each project, as opposed to applying inappropriate generic methods.

We begin with detailed investigations of the existing conditions: weakened or deteriorated materials, available construction and maintenance histories, environmental data, and evidence of concealed or incipient damage. We analyze our findings to determine the causes of failures or deterioration and propose comprehensive remediations based upon our analyses that will not only repair the existing damage or the problem, but will serve to prevent further damage or a reoccurrence of the present conditions. We propose alternative solutions for both the short- and long-term, as well as options for implementation. Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared to minimize field errors and future problems. We assist in the bidding process and provide construction observation to ensure both compliance with our construction documents and to assure that any problems are addressed at once.