Architecture Engineering Planning Forensic Services


"Each new situation requires a new architecture"
Jean Nouvel

On many occasions, we have been called upon to provide solutions to problems of a special nature. The projects have ranged in size and complexity from simple wooden structures to accommodating highly sophisticated equipment. Some projects have not involved buildings, but rather problems associated with a specific building type, component or some aspect of the built-environment.

What distinguishes each of these projects is the client's expectation that we will analyze their problem in depth and develop solutions that consider and incorporate potential change, and, where appropriate, provide or retain an architectural character. In addressing such projects, we have drawn upon our experience different means and methods of construction, new and traditional materials and technologies, as well as our architectural and technical background. These projects have included:

• The first community-recycling center in the City of Chicago that could be built by volunteers and incorporate immediate public-awareness andidentification as part of the finished structure.

• An easily constructed, low-cost, demountable kiosk for community use at local events with immediate identification and potential replication.

• The reconstruction of portions of the terra-cotta facade salvaged from the 1893 Adler and Sullivan Chicago Stock Exchange Building.

• A precisely aligned structural base for a new optical telescope and motorized operation for the rotating telescope enclosure and operable doors for the Doane Observatory of The Adler Planetarium of Chicago.

• A method for computer analysis and spatial display of archaeological data collected at early American settlement sites in New Jersey by the Rutgers University Archeological Survey Office

• Substantially reducing the noise-level in and adjacent to the main pump room at the Wilmette Water Plant while retaining the historic Art Deco architectural character of the space.